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Hari Om!

I’m Kishora, and it is my mission in life to make yoga accessible to everyone! I teach yoga as a vehicle of liberation and union with the Divine. I specialize in tailoring yoga to fit with whatever religious beliefs or non-beliefs my yogi’s have.

I used to be an addict, and through yoga I’m not anymore, even transcending food and healthy sex at this point in my journey. For this reason, I teach wellness from the perspective of food “addiction” rather than focusing on unhealthy paradigms like personal appearance. Yoga is about the spirit, not the body.

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    About Me

    Namaste, I’m Kishora, father of three, husband of one, and an avid yogi. I was trained in Sampoorna Hatha Yoga by my Guruji, Yogi Hari. This blog will chronicle my yogic journey and serve to share my insights on the path back home to the Divine.